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Let Only £0.00

Floor Plan £29.00

Viewings (Depending On Location) £20.00

Energy performance certificate (EPC) £45.00

Photos £60.00

To Let Boards £25.00

Professional Inventory Report £60.00

Premium Property Listings £15.00

Gas Certificates (CP12) Gas safe registered engineer £45.00

Tenancy Agreements £50.00

Electrical installation condition report £129.00

Credit & Ref Checks £30.00

Unlimited Viewing Services £250.00

New feature 3D 360degree real live time photo and floorplan imaging £280.00

Portable appliance testing (PAT ) £60.00

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Refund policy: There are no refunds available.
However we can make amendments to your listing, please contact us on ask@Hallamhills.co.uk including your property address.